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On all Southern Crossings Bolivia tours entrances fees, hotels, domestic flights and airport pickups are included!

Depart any day and customize your Bolivia tour at no extra charge! We are custom tour specialists.

Bolivia Blitz


Bolivia Explorer

15 days
Domestic flights included

It’s the best of Bolivia in 15 exciting days. We’ll visit La Paz the highest capital city in the world, the ruins of Tiwanaku, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon rainforest before hopping on a plane to visit the south of this amazing country. There, we’ll descend deep into an active silver mine at Potosi, tour the colonial city of Sucre, and then take a multi-day excursion to the Salar de Uyuni, site of some of the most stunning scenery on the planet.

Day 1: Arrive in La Paz. Private transfer to your hotel. City tour this afternoon or on day 15.

Day 2: Private Tiwanaku tour.

Day 3: Private Full day excursion to Island of the Sun. Return to La Paz in the evening.

Day 4-7: Chalalan Amazon rainforest lodge. Return to La Paz evening of day 7.

Day 8: Flight to Sucre and private city tour.

Day 9: Private transport to Potosi.

Day 10: Private Potosi mines tour, then private transport to Uyuni.

Day 11-14: Salar de Uyuni excursion. Return flight to La Paz on evening of day 14.

Day 15: Departure day. City tour of La Paz if not on day 1.

What’s included in the trip

  • Airport pickup at the beginning of trip and drop off at end of the trip.
  • Southern Crossings bilingual guides throughout the tour.
  • Flights La Paz-Rurrenabaque, Rurrenabaque-La Paz, La Paz-Sucre, Uyuni – La Paz.
  • All other internal transport excluding transport to optional restaurants, bars, sights and excursions.
  • Eight nights of hotel accommodation, two nights jungle lodge, three nights basic accommodation at Uyuni.
  • Breakfast is provided each morning.
  • All food at jungle lodge and on Uyuni excursion.
  • Private Full-day Island of the Sun/Lake Titicaca excursion including bilingual guide, round-trip boat to/from the island, all entrances, guided tour of Inca ruins and south side of island, round-trip private transport from La Paz.
  • Private Half-day Tiwanaku excursion with entrance fees, private vehicle, driver and professional guide.
  • Four-day, three-night jungle lodge excursion.
  • Four-day, three-night Uyuni Salt Lakes excursion.
  • Half-day Potosi mine tour.
  • Private La Paz, Sucre and Potosi city tours includes entrance fees, private vehicle, driver and professional guide.
  • 24-hour customer support line while on Bolivia tour.

What’s not included

International flight to/from La Paz, pre- & post- tour accommodation, visas, vaccinations, personal insurance, meals except where specified above, drinks, laundry, souvenirs, tips while on optional excursions and other items of a personal nature. Medical travel insurance is not included through Southern Crossings, cancellation insurance is advisable.

Bolivia tour itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in La Paz the highest international airport in the world, anytime today and private transfer to your hotel. You´ll have a private city tour in the afternoon if there is time, visiting the Witches’ Market, colonial La Paz, downtown La Paz and the presidential plaza. Later you will visit the Valley of the Moon which gives the eerie sensation of being on the moon or another planet because of its strange rock formations. You will also have a chance to ascend the majestic Illimani Mountain on the highest urban cable car in the world. If there is not time for a city tour today, we will include one before your departing flight on day 15.

Day 2

This morning we head out of La Paz to the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku. The Tiwanaku culture thrived from around 200 to 800 AD and controlled a large area of Bolivia and southern Peru. The ruins are fascinating with strange, sculpted faces set in the walls of a sunken temple, and a huge carved archway called the Gate of the Sun. Return to La Paz in the afternoon.

Day 3

An early morning departure to Lake Titicaca by private transport, there we’ll board a boat to the Island of the Sun. The Island of the Sun is the mythical, and perhaps actual, origin place of the Incas. This morning we visit some fascinating maze-like proto-Inca ruins and then head by boat to the south side of the island for more sightseeing and a lunch with spectacular views of the lake. Afternoon return by boat to Copacabana then by private vehicle to La Paz.

Day 4

La Paz – Rurrenabaque – Chalalan Ecolodge

Private morning transfer to the airport and flight to Rerrenabaque. The Amazon rainforest is this morning’s destination as we take a short flight over the Andes to Rurrenabaque, a bustling Amazonian outpost. From the port, we´ll take a 5.5 hr. motorboat tour to the lodge via the Beni and Tuichi rivers.  We´ll pass through the Bala canyon on the Beni River and enter the Madidi National Park on the Tuichi river. Along the way you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Amazon and observe wildlife. Once we reach Chalalan port we´ll walk 25 minutes to the lake, where the lodge is located. We’ll spend the next two nights here. Our cabins at the lodge have modern bathrooms and comfortable beds with mosquito nets, and the food here is great. Over the next few days you will have different activities to choose from while be accompanied by an experienced naturalist guide.

The next day’s optional activities will include a visit to an oxbow lake to look for caiman, monkeys, macaws and other wildlife as well as jungle walks led by an experienced English-speaking guide. You’ll witness an array of medicinal and otherwise interesting flora and fauna, as well as gain some insight into native Amazonian peoples and traditions.

Day 5

Chalalan Ecolodge – Madidi Nacional Park

Today after breakfast you´ll have a guided walking tour where you can observe squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys and many species of birds such as toucans, macaws, parrots and eagles.

In the afternoon, after lunch and short rest you will have another opportunity to see more wildlife and learn more about native plants and animal behaviors. Other activities include: handicraft activities, canoe rides on the lake, video presentations about our community and the Madidi National Park. Dinner.

Tonight, we will take a canoe ride on the lake to observe nocturnal animals.

Day 6

Chalalan Ecolodge – Madidi Nacional Park

After breakfast, we will follow the trail to the Eslabon River, this is a longer walk (6 hours) deeper to the pristine rainforest Here we will have the opportunity to observe more animals such as the black spider monkey, the tapir, deer, troop of wild pig (Peccary). Today we´ll have lunch by the Eslabon River. After a short rest and observing the landscape, we will return to the lodge along the same trail. Back at the lodge you can rest or go for a swim. Buffet style dinner tonight consisting of typical food from the area.

Tonight, we will take a canoe ride on the lake to observe nocturnal animals.

Traditional night (Quechua – Tacana) where our guides will explain the customs, habits and rituals of the Uchupiamonas indigenous people.  Diring tonight´s activity you can try local traditional drinks, enjoy local music and dance with people in the San José de Uchupiamonas community.

Day 7

Chalalan – Rurrenabaque – La Paz

Morning Chalalan jungle lodge activitity, then lunch at the lodge. Afternoon boat tour (3 hours) and flight back to La Paz. Transfer to hotel. Overnight in La Paz.

Day 8

This morning we fly to Sucre, Bolivia’s actual capital and a beautiful colonial city in its own right. We’ll visit the Casa de la Libertad, Bolivia’s site of independence from Spain, the Cathedral with its accompanying museum, the scenic bell tower of the San Felipe Monastery, as well as some well-preserved dinosaur tracks just outside of town!

Day 9

We’re off on a beautiful journey by private transport this morning to Potosi, once one of the wealthiest cities in the Americas and still one of the highest, at 13,340 ft. This afternoon, we’ll visit the “National House of Money” with its accompanying museum, as well as the colonial center and some historic churches.

Day 10

This morning’s tour is not for the claustrophobic! After purchasing some traditional gifts for the miners such as coca, alcohol cigarettes and (that’s right!) dynamite, we’ll descend deep into the mines of Potosi. The various processes of the mines will be explained, as well as the traditions and belief systems of the miners, before we return to the surface before the afternoon’s detonations. Back up on the surface, you can even set off a stick of dynamite yourself (optional)! In the afternoon we continue on by private vehicle to Uyuni, on the edge of the salt lake.

Day 11

Private transfer to the airport to catch your flight to Colchani. Private transfer to hotel upon arrival. Your hotel tonight is unique, with walls and ceilings made from salt.

Day 12

Salt Flats Tour Uyuni (Full day)

Our journey across the vast, stunning expanse of southeast Bolivia begins this morning. The salt flats of Uyuni are considered by many to be one of the most remarkable sites in all of South America.

Morning departure from Uyuni to the -Railroad Graveyard- where the remains of 19th and 20th century steam locomotives can be found. Ten to Colchani which is one of the best areas to observe different methods of salt extraction. Next we´ll head to Incahuasi Island, this is an oasis with a unique and isolated ecosystem that is populated by giant cactus up to 10 meters high. Sometime during the afternoon we´ll stop for a picnic lunch in the middle of the salts flats. This evening we´ll watch a beautiful sunset from a beautful spot in the salt flats.

Day 13-14

During the next two days we’ll visit the immense salt lake with its cactus islands, get great views of several massive volcanoes, visit lakes of many colors (some teeming with flamingos), soak in hot springs, view sulphur geysers, visit pre-columbian Fort Ayque and visit the famous and surreal “Dali rock”, pictured at the top of this page. This is a great tour for photographers. On the evening of day 14, return flight to La Paz. Overnight in La Paz.

Day 15

Departure day. La Paz City tour today if you have not had one already. Private transfer to the international airport.

Extra accommodation

We will gladly arrange additional accommodation for you in La Paz, Sucre, Potosi or Uyuni before or after your trip, just ask.

Joining the bolivia tour

On all Southern Crossings tours, you are met at the airport by one of our representatives (holding a Southern Crossings placard), who will accompany you to our joining hotel. No bargaining or being swindled by airport taxis.

Single Person Supplement

A single person supplement will be added to your quote if you plan to travel alone.

Is this trip for me?

Bolivia Explorer is a fifteen-day Bolivia tour which includes walking in various ruins, on city tours and in the rainforest. As always, a certain patience is required for the inconsistencies and delays of developing-world travel.

Pre-trip planner

Required documents

All travelers to Bolivia are required to have a passport valid for at least six months from date of entry. Visas are not required for E.U., U.S., Canadian, Australian or New Zealand passport holders. U.S. citizens can visit the U.S. state department website and Canadian citizens can visit the government of Canada travel advisory page. For other nationalities, please consult the nearest Bolivian embassy or consulate. An onward ticket and proof of funds may also be required at entry and should be available to show to immigration. Traveler’s checks, currency or a bank statement from the bank or printed off the internet are sufficient for proof of funds.

Required immunizations

The rainforest area of Bolivia (approx. 3,500 ft. and below, east of the Andes) is a malaria and yellow fever zone. The yellow fever vaccination with the official certificate is required, and travelers may wish to take malarial prophylaxis. Travelers may also wish to receive hepatitis vaccinations and should be current on all other standard vaccinations. Please consult your physician or local health department for more information.


Rain is possible at any time of year, especially in high mountains and on the Bolivian altiplano, and one should always be prepared. The climate in sites we will visit is as follows: La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Tiwanaku, Potosi and Salar de Uyuni: days are warm if sunny, chilly if cloudy. Nights are cold in La Paz and can be extremely cold in Uyuni and Potosi. Amazon basin: hot and humid year-round. We recommend light clothing (in weight and in color) that fully cover arms and legs to avoid mosquito bites. Sucre: warm days, cool evenings

Money guide

The unit of currency in Bolivia is the boliviano. Automatic cash points are available in La Paz. Visa, MasterCard, Plus, and Cirrus are the most common usable types of cards. Traveler’s checks are difficult to cash (American Express is best, but you may be charged 5-8% to cash) or a Visa or MasterCard for cash advances are also options. Do not bring Money Grams or International Money Orders, as they are extremely difficult to exchange. Banks and exchange houses are available in La Paz, and exchange houses are available in Copacabana. For currency, U.S. dollars are recommended and most easily exchanged. Please note that cash must be untorn. It can be older looking, but even the slightest tear on an edge will make it un-changeable. Acceptable bills come out of the ATMs in country. Expect to spend about US$4-11 on a meal, US$1 on a beer, water or soft drink in Bolivia. Artisan market prices are usually lower than people expect. Alpaca sweaters, for example, run between $5 and $30. Currency Converter